How about buying a second home in Valencia?

A minimum risk investment in Spain

It is now the right time to buy a second home in Valencia, but it can be a stressfull operation, especially if you do not speak the language. We assists you through the complete buying process. Blue Key is a specialized agency helping our customers finding the right investment according to their budget and expectations. We work together with qualified real estate agencies in Valencia City and Costa Blanca.

Legal assistance

You need a lawyer when you buy in Spain! You need a lawyer that speaks your language and explains you in detail every step of the process. The owner of Blue Key is Tiscar Navarro, a lawyer specialized in property investments. She screens the property that you are about to buy for hidden risks,  she helps you through the Spanish administration (opening bank account, getting the Nie number, etc), and she accompanies you to the notary when you sign the papers. Foreigner looking for an investment in Spain need a lawyer like Tiscar Navarro, without any doubt.

A rental income

After the purchase we maximize the rentability of the investment by offering the apartment of house on the short stay rental market for expats, digital nomads and tourists. We take care of everything: we publish the property on our rental website ( and take care of the property management part. From your chair at home you can calculate the rental income of your property. And of course you decide on the calendar for the rentals: You can come on holiday to Spain every year, and when you are not in Spain you open the calendar for rentals.


Benefits of a second home in Spain

Invest in Spanish property right now because the timing is perfect! This is probably the best time to invest in Spanish property. The real estate crash in Spain has opened opportunities for foreign investors. The real estate prices have dropped significantly, making Spanish properties much more attractive than 5 years ago. We recommend to invest in Valencia. Right now you can find your spot under the Valencian sun at very affordable prices.

Second home in Valencia


Use Blue Key to find a second home in Valencia

These are the services you can expect from us if you want to buy a property in Spain:

1. Interview: what exactly are you looking for?
2. We look for the most interesting properties according to your expectations and send you a list of possibilities.
3. We show you the properties when you come to Valencia together with the real estate agents we partner with.
4. We help you negotiate with the owner.
5. Legal assistance (paperwork, NIE number, bank account, translations, etc…) prior to the purchase.
6. Legal assistance at the notary.
7. Architecture and interior design if your new property need some work. We work with architects and builders.
8. We help you with the refurnishment of your new property and prepare the property for future tenants.
9. We rent out your apartment to tourists and expats (if you want us to…) through our rental website (


You already found a property and only need a lawyer?

If you need legal assistance during the purchase of a second home in Spain you can count on us. You receive a full legal assistance service during the complete process of buying.

1. application of  NOTA SIMPLE (The passport of the apartement)(included are 3 nota simples).
2. study if the apartment has no debts (water, electricity, cleaning building, etc.)
3. assistance with negotiations over price and conditions
4. opening bank account
5. application NIE number (Numero identificación extranjero)
6. preparation of the compra-venta at the notary
7. assistance at the notary
8. changing the titular of the facilities: water, gas, electricity, etc.


I want to rent out my property in Spain to expats, digital nomads and travellers

Great! You can make money, or at least make sure that your investment is profitable. Globexs will rent your property for short stays to expats, travellers and digital nomads. We make sure that your second home in Valencia generates money from the start. Globexs is specialized in short stay rentals in Valencia. We rent furnished appartments to expats and travelers for short stays between 1 week and 6 months.

Globexs rentals



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