Many foreigners are looking to invest in the incredible city of Valencia, that already has a large expat community. Blue Key helps you to find and invest in a second home in this city. This page is written for foreigners who want to buy a property in Valencia but do not know where to start. We will quickly explain the different areas, the best areas to invest in Valencia.


About Valencia

Many expats have moved and are moving to this beautiful city by the Mediterranean Sea. Valencia is the capital of the autonomous community of Valencia.

The beautiful historic center, the beaches, and the fantastic climate make Valencia one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Valencia enjoys Mediterranean climate with very mild winters and long hot summers.

The city is situated on the banks of the Turia river, on the eastern coast of the Iberian peninsula and the western part of the Mediterranean Sea, fronting the Gulf of Valencia. Its major landmarks are the Malvarrosa Beach, the Mercado Central, the Cathedral and the City of Arts and Science.


What is the best place to invest in Valencia?

Expats tend to favour three main areas of the city to live in but other neighborhoods are starting to become more and more popular offering good opportunities.

The choice of the perfect neighbourhood is a personal matter. You need to decide what you expect from your property.

Are you looking at living in Valencia or investing to rent?
What budget do you have?
Would you prefer to be by the beach or the city center, etc…

The green lung of Valencia, The Riu Turia, helps you to orientate you.


Most popular areas in the city

1. Ruzafa

Ruzafa is the place to be in Valencia, and home to many expats. It is a very fashionable neighborhood, many bars, artists, restaurants, hipsters, etc. Probably the coolest neighborhood in Valencia these days, but it gets pretty busy in the weekends. We wrote a post specifically about Ruzafa. Click here to read it.


2. City Center

The city center, and particularly its historic center of El Carmen. Obviously this part of town is pretty popular amongs foreign investors. We wrote a post specifically about El Carmen. Click here to read it.


3. Patacona Beach

Valencia counts with a beautiful stretch of city beach: a 5km long sandy beach. Patacona is the most northern part of the beach. It is popular amongs foreign investors because it is a relatively modern area with comfortable buildings and numerous excellent restaurants. Click here to read more about Patacona.


4. Cabanyal

Cabanyal is a former fishing village now absorbed by Valencia. It is located right near the beach, just north of the port. It is a very authentic area that was neglected by the Valencians and foreign investors for a long time, but in recent years the area is knowing an uprise. Many foreigners are buying (cheap) apartments to fix them up and rent out to tourists. Click here to read more about Cabanyal.


5. Monteolivete

Monteolivete is located just south of Ruzafa. Between Ruzafa and the City of Arts and Science. Prices in Montiolivete are more affortable than in Rusafa. We wrote a blog post about this part of town. Click here to read it.


Other interesting areas in Valencia are:

Port Saplaya officialy belongs to the nearby village of Alboraya, 3km north of Valencia. It is a lovely marina often referred to as ‘The Little Venice’ thanks to its water channels that wind between various beautiful apartments.

Benimaclet is a neighborhood in the north of Valencia. It feels like a village, but it is really a part of Valencia.


Outside the city

On the outskirts of the city, you can find an abondance of villas with private pools. Is this what you are looking for?

Or perhaps you want to go live even further away, in the countryside. Then we recommend you to read this Globexs post: Why is it a good idea to retire in Valencia. It is in fact a post about retiring in/around Valencia but it might give you some ideas about where you would like to invest.



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