Valencia is quickly becoming the hottest place to invest in property in Spain. With consistent and steady growth since recovering from the economic crisis in 2009, prices are slowly picking up, making this the perfect moment to invest in Valencia. Here we want to make a compelling case for investors to consider Valencia as an ideal location to add to their property portfolios.

#1 – Tourism

By year end 2016, Valencia hit 16.6% growth in tourism, in comparison to 10.3% in Spain overall. The record was also broken for visitors in one year hitting 75.6 million. Government investment over recent years in building Valencia as a world recognised brand has helped to increase visitor numbers sharply, and this is having an effect on the autonomous economy as a whole, with hoteliers, restauranteurs, and short-stay apartments making higher returns on investment in property.

#2 – Infrastructure

Valencia has up-to-date amenities from accommodation to healthcare. Recent upgrades to the local public transport system, adding new lines to the underground system, new buses and a major transformation to digital applications allow for easy movement around the city. The new hospital La Fe is state of the art, providing free healthcare with the quality and cleanliness of a private hospital. Alongside the installations for the America´s Cup sailing competition and the ample spaces to host international conferences, Valencia is more than able to mix it with international venues, catering for everyone from weekend tourists to international businesses.

#3 – Legal structure

Valencia is open to investment and legal services are in place to provide easier traversing of the legal system regarding property. Blue key investments are recommended to provide independent legal advice regarding property investment. The relaxing of legal infrastructure throughout the property markets in 2012 have made for fewer issues with regulatory compliance, and the level of investment also means that local lawyers are very well equipped in dealing with the process of international investment in the property markets of Valencia.

#4 – Business

With over 77,000 business, Valencia is a thriving city. Around the city are industrial centres sporting international manufacturers including Ford and Ikea. It is the perfect city to host conferences due to the climate, the cuisine and the quality of the installations. Many start-ups are being created with the recent renovation of the port area, which was used for the America’s cup and has been refurbished by the University of Valencia as a dedicated business school providing training and services for companies wanting to grow in Valencia.

#5 – Culture

Valencia is a hotbed of culture both international and local. Many fiestas are held throughout the year, from the signature fire-festival of Las Fallas to the Harvest Wine festival of Requena, there is something for everyone. The local people are open to international tourism and coupled with the investment made by local authorities, business is beginning to boom in attracting tourists from Europe, Asia and America alike.

#6 – Urban development

The City of Arts and Sciences designed by the world renowned (and Valencian local) Santiago Calatrava is at the forefront of modern architecture, the sweeping modern lines of these building are attractive and provide a perfect place for families, exhibitions, and are a celebration of Valencia itself. The Palau de Congresos hosts international conferences and along with The Technological Park of Paterna, this has given rise to a new host of companies based in technology. These digital companies are providing Valencian companies with the digital infrastructure they need to compete in the online markets.

#7 – Invest in Valencia real estate

The real-estate markets in Valencia make for perfect investment opportunities. With everything taken into consideration, the level of services provided by local government, the relaxed regulation on investment and the recent push to entice investors globally, Valencia is seeing a dramatic increase in housing sales and property investment. As this rise is set to continue following the economic recovery, prices are also due to steadily rise over the coming years. There is also a greater level of stability meaning more assurance on property investment

#8 – Work-life balance

The general fell of the city is a relaxed one; Valencia has a cosmopolitan downtown with brands from all over world for shopping, but locals do treasure their leisure time. Far from the sprawling cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, Valencians like to keep their family and friends close and make time for leisure at the weekends. Working hours throughout the week tend to run from 8.30am and finish late at 6.30pm – 7pm. Most people work half day Friday to make the most of the weekend with family and good food. So the working week is hard and productive, with a longer, more relaxing weekend.

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