Legal services in Valencia. The right information for your needs

If you need legal services in Valencia to provide you with the right information for your property investment, we can give you the consultancy and legal advice you need to navigate local property law with complete peace of mind.

Since 2006, we have been providing full-service legal advice to property investors and owners, we have significant experience handling a wide variety of investments both in Valencia and also for investors making purchases in southern Spain.

Why work with a local lawyer?

At Blue Key our lawyers are fluent in both English and Spanish and are fully qualified to deal with property investments of any kind. We have years of experience working with investors and home-owners in the Valencia area. Every member of our team is in constant contact with the local government and is certified specifically in property law to offer the highest quality service to our clients.

Spanish law differs from UK law in property, so although you may be well versed making property investment, you would be well served to plan, and set aside a sum to make sure that everything is taken care of on the legal front.

At BlueKey we commit to offering you the highest quality legal assistance. We have lawyers who specialize in:

  • Advice on business, as well as legal business registration and setup.
  • Commercial partnerships as well as local advice and contact with local companies.
  • Legal advice on the purchase and investment in real estate.
  • Advice and contact with administration and local authorities.
  • Family legal advice: schooling, adoption, divorce, etc.

We know that moving or investing in property on the continent can be a big move. We assure you that we will provide you with all legal services in Valencia:

  • Expert lawyers who have undertaken all of the necessary document validation processes and an in-person interview to gauge your needs, our certifications, law school degrees, and BAR exams have also been verified.
  • We deal directly with local administration in Valencia, we can guarantee prices that are better than finding lawyers outside the city.
  • Save time: There are pitfalls in making the decision to invest in property in Spain. We can save you time and travel by taking care of all of your legal needs

If you need to drill down into something more specific we can also provide you with specialized lawyers, solicitors and attorneys for unique situations through our network of contacts. If you are unfamiliar with any practice or area of law, we will provide you with independent local legal advice.

Why invest in Valencia

Valencia is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. With property investment boosting the local economy, and with house prices still at reasonable rates there is a clear investment opportunity. Valencia also has a great climate, so not only can you enjoy returns, but you can enjoy the sun, the local food, the culture and an easy lifestyle in the sun. The city itself homes around 1,000,000 people, so the infrastructure is excellent.

If you choose to make your investment outside the city the local villages make perfect areas for your investment, travel to and from Valencia is frequent and there are new motorways in every direction. There is an underground Metro network which reaches up to 30km from Valencia, along with rail lines, and two local airports (Valencia and Castellón).

If you are looking to invest in Valencia, or if you have any doubts about local property law and how it may affect your investment. You can contact us for a free consultancy. For temporary rentals in Valencia you can contact Globexs.