La Patacona Valencia is one of the newest areas up and coming in Valencia and popular amongs foreign investors looking for a good deal. It’s a new build area right on the coast and over the past few years it has become a hotspot for both locals and tourists alike.

Rising from the ashes

Most of the construction work on this area actually started I 2005, but from 2007 to 2014 many projects were left half-finished as the economic crisis hit and developers simply downed their tools, leaving a square kilometre of empty shells of residential blocks like a ghost town. But with Valencia undergoing a resurgence in property and some real investment from restaurateurs and property developers, especially in this area, many of those empty shells have been completed, and are now fresh new buildings with lots of amenities, bars, supermarkets and offices.

Quality, new-build apartments

The apartments in the Patacona area are perfect for investment. They are still relatively cheap as the area is growing, prices have gone up in the last year but they are still nowhere the peak prices of 2007. Most of the apartments have communal swimming pools, gyms, and tennis courts and they are all modern with air conditioning, wooden flooring and modern kitchens.

Investment in property in Patacona Valencia

The whole area has flats available and with the newly invigorated local infrastructure, it’s a great place to live and a great place to rent out your apartment to tourists visiting Valencia, especially those looking for a place to stay near the beach. The market has increased due to its proximity to the beach and the expectation of growth in the area. Prices range from €150,000 to €250,000 for an apartment which will be within 50 metres of the beach on the main strip in Patacona, Avenida Mare Nostrum.

Nearly all of the flats have a communal pool. They tend to be quiet as they are not accessible to the public and they offer a great place to meet new people in the building and laze in the sunshine. Most of the flats are in buildings of six stories so you can find great sea views in fats which are relatively cheap.

In the end for a flat with 100 square metres of space, swimming pool and a sea view, you should be looking at €220,000 as of December 2017.

Living in The Patacona Valencia

Many business have moved their offices into this area, bringing work and tertiary employment to the area along the Avenida Mare Nostrum. Most of the area is geared for tourism so most businesses looking to open in the Patacona are bars and restaurants. The area has transport links via the number 31 bus line and the metro goes from the Eugenia Viñes metro is some 250 metres from Patacona Beach. The area for residents has supermarkets, gyms, dry cleaners and generally everything the local area requires.

Bars, restaurants and clubs

La Mas Bonita

One of the best-known places for food in Valencia is La Mas Bonita, a restaurant on the beach at Patacona Valencia. Trendy deco with a beach hut style and fabulous sandwiches, tapas and a great selection of cocktails.

La Brassa

This is a popular place on the beach complete with sofas and cushions to relax with a cocktail in the warm Valencian sunshine. To be honest, they serve food but are better places to go for lunch, the best thing about La Brassa are the cocktails which are excellent.

L’Obrador be Bou

Nothing typifies the Patacona better than Horchata. Made from Chufa which is known in English as Nut Grass, it’s a refreshing drink served extremely cold, and the best place for Horchata in Valencia is here.

The beach and water-sports


The Patacona Surf Beach is one of the best spots along the whole coast of Valencia with a constant light breeze and waves around 2-3 metres high. At La Escuela Mediterranea you can have surfing lessons for around €12 per hour.


The same company also has a paddlesurf rental which is great for calmer days to explore the coast and paddle up to Port Saplaya some 300 metres to the north of La Patacona.


At the Nautical Club in Port Saplaya you can take classes in sailing on many types of boats, there is boat hire and fun activities for the kids. There is a summer course for children from 6-15 years old which goes from 9am – 5pm, it’s a great way for kids to learn sailing and for adults to explore while the children are busy!

If you want any information on the area, prices, or places to go, you can always contact us free of charge and we’ll give you the juicy details on this unexplored part of town.