Blue Key is specialized in property investments in Valencia. Many of our customers are foreigners and they have been asking us where to find the best conditions for non-resident mortgages in Spain.

Non-resident mortgages in Spain

Blue Key has partnered with Mortgage Direct. This Valencia based company offers mortgages for all nationalities, resident and non-resident mortgages in Spain, in every city. They work with all Spanish and international banks. They know the Spanish banking procedures inside out and have regular meetings with bank representatives at the highest levels.

Mortgage direct has help several Blue Key-clients in recent years obtaining a non-resident mortgage. They way they work is pretty straightforward and simple.  There is no initial charge for simply discussing your situation. Most enquiries will lead to Mortgage direct SL sending a mortgage quote outlining a potential mortgage for you. If you decide not to proceed after receipt of this quote, there is still no fee to pay.

Click on the below banner to fill out an application form, and you will be contacted within 24h.

Blue Key helps foreigners invest in the city of Valencia. We help them pursue their dream of owing a property in the most beautiful city in Spain.

Blue Key services

We offer the following services:

  • property search: We bring you in touch with the best real estate agencies
  • legal advice and assistance: We make sure your investment is risk-free
  • property management: We manage your property after the purchase
  • rentals: Our partner Globexs rents out your property.

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