In 2019 we will continue to help foreigners invest in Valencia.


Valencia is a great city to make an investment in real estate, in all areas in Valencia.

Indeed, Valencia is still the best city in Spain, even though many people want to keep it quiet. The last thing they want is that Valencia becomes a second Barcelona, where masstourism is doing a lot of harm.

In 2018 we published many articles about why to invest in Valencia. All of them are published in the blog section of this website.

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In 2019 we will keep informing our clients about the best areas to invest in Valencia. Traditionally the most popular areas to invest in Valencia are


Ruzafa is the bohemian neighborhood of Valencia. It is often called the Soho of Valencia.

Ruzafa (or Russafa in Valencian language) is a vibrant neighborhood with bars, restaurants, terraces, shops and galleries from around the world. It is easy to get from here to any area of the city by public transport.

Ruzafa is mostly the first choice for foreigners who come to live in Valencia. Read some interesting articles about Ruzafa:

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El Carmen

El Carmen is the heart of the city of Valencia.

verliefd worden op Valencia Blue Key InvestmentsThis area is often referred to as “El Carmen”. It is the area between the Main train station (Estación del Norte), the bullfight ring, Calle Colon, the Riu Turia, The Torres de Serrano and the Torres de Quart.

El Carmen is growing to be one of the busiest places in Europe for tourism. Shop, bars, cafes, restaurants, winding streets and ancient ruins.

It really is one of the finest examples of the Spanish Old Town. Read more about El Carmen:

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El Cabañal

Cabañal is the maritime district of Valencia. Cabañal (or Cabanyal) has turned into one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in Valencia in recent years.

Traditionally El Cabañal was the port area of Valencia, its houses are unique, the locals have a lot of pride in their neighborhood, and for one day every year, the old houses are open to the public to get a taste of the Cabañal, and how life was in the 60s.

With recent investment in tourism by the local government, many of the streets have been pedestrianized and new bars and coffee shops are opening every week. It has become a great new area for tourists and local alike; the streets are clean and free of traffic. The life is relaxed, the food is great, and the soft sea breeze gives the whole area a defining touch.

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Other areas

However in 2019 we will focus on the other, less known, but also interesting, neighborhoods that Valencia has to offer. In 2018 we already wrote one article about “unknows areas in Valencia”, but this winter we have started with an interesting new serie on our blog:

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In 2019 we will keep helping our clients with a FULL A-Z service package. We continue to close the circle:

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