Are you tired of Airbnb?

Are you tired of the workload, of complaining neighbors and restricting regulations? You are not the only one. Time to manage your Airbnb differently.

Many foreigners bought an apartment in recent years with the romantic idea of renting it on Airbnb, or even convirting it in a B&B. The reality has proven to be less romantic. The battle against vacation rentals spread all over Spain. The local legislation has become very strict towards Airbnb apartments to say the least. In fact, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia are actually almost in war agains Airbnb and are trying to burst the bubble.

Indeed, the romantic idea behind Airbnb is disappearing as the voices of complaining neighbors are sounding louder each day. But no need to panic! If you are tired of your Airbnb rental apartment you basically have 2 solutions: Or you hire Nestor to manage your Airbnb, or you hire Globexs to rent your apartment to expats instead of tourists.

Use Nestor to manage your Airbnb

Apartment owner often get tired of Airbnb because they underestimate the workload that an Airbnb rental suppose. Nestor was founded in 2018 to offer specific property management solutions to apartment owners in Valencia. As Blue Key, Nestor is a Globexs brand, and the people behind Nestor are Lodewijk Cuypers (Co-founder and Senior Property Investment Consultant) and Tiscar Navarro (CEO and Property Investment Lawyer). Tiscar and Lodewijk are supported by a fantastic team that operates from our head office in Ruzafa, Valencia.

Most Nestor customers are foreigner that bought an apartment in Valencia in recent years. They use it for their holidays for a few weeks and the rest of the year they rent their apartment to tourist. They manage their Airbnb bookings from back home, and hire Nestor’s concierge services (check-in, cleaning, linen change, maintenance).

Rent your apartment to expats

Instead of renting your apartment to tourists you could rent it to expats. With a company like Globexs you can rent your apartment to foreign professionals for periods between 1-11 months. No hassle, good occupancy rate, great income. Throwing your apartment on the market of “alquileres por temporada” and renting it for periods between 1-11 months is indeed the best alternative to Airbnb rentals.

Do not wait any longer. Contact Blue Key for more information and the solution to your Airbnb-syndrom.