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Where do we come from?
Blue Key Investments team

Blue Key investments was baptized in 2017 as a brand of Globexs (Global Expatriate Services SL).

The people behind Blue Key and Globexs are Lodewijk Cuypers (Co-founder and Senior Property Investment Consultant) and Tiscar Navarro (CEO and Property Investment Lawyer). Tiscar and Lodewijk are supported by a fantastic team that operates from our head office in Valencia, and from our Antwerp branch.

Blue Key was founded to offer specific solutions to the requests that we were receiving from our Globexs customers. Since 2012 foreigners and expats in Valencia have been using Globexs for their accommodation needs (short term rentals), and legal immigration assistance. In recent years we receiving more and more requests for property investments in Valencia, and that is not a coincidence, because Valencia has become one of the most interesting and popular places to invest in Europe.

Now is a good time to invest in Valencia. Property prices are still low, but demand is increasing and prices are slowly rising again. Investors are moving quickly and search the market for interesting deals before it is too late.

At Blue Key we have a firm engagement with our customers: The property of their dreams, at a minimal risk, with a perspective to an interesting ROI.

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Valencia is our city
Blue Key office Valencia

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Blue Key – Globexs office
Calle Reina Na Germana 6
46005 Valencia

+34 962 066 814

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Tiscar Navarro
Lodewijk Cuypers

Our clients

These are our customers

Our customers are foreigners looking for an interesting property investment in the best city of Spain: Valencia.

Our customers come from Belgium, Holland, UK, France, USA, Middle East, India, etc. They understand that Valencia is probably one of the best places to invest in property in Europe.

All of our customers have 1 thing in common: They understand that Blue Key Investments stands for a risk free, profitable, fully serviced investment in Valencia, Spain.