Property investment

Lawyer Valencia
A minimal risk investment in Valencia

Risk management

Obviously you need to cover your back when you invest in Spain. You can not rely on the promises or intuïtion of the numerous real estate agents and property hunters that are reaching out to potential buyers. When buying a property in Spain one needs an independent lawyer to minimize the risks.

Risk management consist of

checking whether the property has debts (mortgages, debts with the community, etc.).

checking whether the seller is actually the seller. It is not always easy to identify the owner of a property.

checking whether the property is legally built and the plotsize is correct.

checking whether the property serves your needs or expectations (Suitability for living, ROI, rentals,…).

Legal assistance package

At Blue Key we offer legal assistance through the complete buying process.

application of NOTA SIMPLE (The passport of the apartement).

study if the apartment has debts (water, electricity, cleaning building, etc.)

assistance with negotiations over price and conditions

opening bank account

application NIE number (Numero identificación extranjero)

preparation of the compra-venta at the notary

assistance at the notary

changing the titular of the facilities: water, gas, electricity, etc.

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